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Woodland Memories

It's an enjoyable challenge making inaccessible places accessible to those, who for all sorts of reasons, cannot get to see for themselves. There are people who are housebound, and have memories of local places they are still very fond of. Or someone has moved to the other side of the world and really love to see their childhood haunts. With technology today it is easy to share those treasured places and possibly brighten up someones day, or trigger memories that are elusive through ill health. With this in mind I have over several years created a collection of a very popular woodland called Burbage Woods. The once small market town of Hinckley has grown up around the woods for centuries. It is a place filled with generations of memories, magical, refreshing, filled with birdsong, bluebells, foxgloves, wild anemones, muntjac deer, foxes, owls and much more. It is a favourite place for many, young and old. As time goes on Burbage Woods comes under threat of being swallowed up by development. With this in mind, it is even more important that its unique beauty is observed and captured.

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