Meadow Grass Romance

Hinckley Through the Seasons

“Hinckley Through The Seasons” - By Local Photographer Michelle Pullen was an exhibition of Landscapes photographed around the market town of Hinckley.  It was presented in The Atkins Building Reception Gallery.   Michelle, has a passion for capturing the natural beauty of her surroundings. The often unseen hours of dawn, the colours of sunrise and evening skies all combine to illustrate the beautiful countryside surrounding the Leicestershire market town of Hinckley. The “ley” in Hinckley derives from Anglo Saxon times meaning “meadow”. Michelle seeks passionately to capture the meadows of Hinckley in their best light. Her love of nature and photography, coupled with her creative style and the desire to encourage a positive sense of awe draws people to see the everyday in a refreshing and vibrant way. Her inspiration is drawn from seeing the best in humble and ordinary places. Her images encourage, sometimes surprise and often create a talking point which draws people to a sense of community and shared pride in their surroundings. Hinckley Landscapes are brought to life through a frosty Winter’s day, the fresh life of Spring, the warmth of Summer and glowing embers of Autumn. Places due for development have iconic trees with unique character captured for posterity. In one exclusive image local firefighter 2663 Jake Purser tackles an explosive lorry blaze silhouetted against hedgerows. Michelle has pledged to donate a percentage of profits from this particular image to Leicestershire Fire & Rescue Services. Her dramatic lorry blaze images were published in local and national newspapers and featured on news channels in May 2017.

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